== 10MB Club ==

Over time pages on the internet have become bigger and bigger, in fact the average web page is now over 3MB is size.

1MB Club celebrates sites that have avoided this bloat and managed to have a total payload under 1MB. I think along with this carrot we need a stick to bring attention to those whose bloat is excessive.

Here at 10MB Club you will find a list of sites whose homepages requires the browser to download more than 10MB.

Help expand this list by adding more sites, or remove ones that are no longer bloaty. Open a pull request on the GitHub Repo.

giphy.com 🔗

23,283 kB. Checked on

worldofwarcraft.com 🔗

16,907 kB. Checked on

talktalktv.co.uk 🔗

11,825 kB. Checked on

cisco.com 🔗

11,576 kB. Checked on

flickr.com 🔗

11,007 kB. Checked on